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Integrated Casting System of Ductile Iron Series

For the sake of upholding competitive strength and ensuring high level quality, Cheng Feng' has adopted all new operation throughout production process.

Their excellent planning capability along with latest production equipments and computerized production management which enable us punctual and reliable products delivery.

Iron Casting, Ductile Iron

Only most advanced production equipments can deliver high quality casting products.

This is why we invest heavily in this aspect. For example: Cheng Feng' imports Furan No-Bake moulding system from Japan, high-frequency induction furnace from Pillar, America.

Cheng Feng's Major Equipments:

* Hi-Frequency Induction Furnace 3 Ton x 1
* Hi-Frequency Induction Furnace 2 Ton x 1
* Melting Furnace 4Ton/hr x 1
* Sand Screening Machine x 1
* Stress Relief Annealing Furnace x 1
   (4000 x 2000 x 2500) x 1
* Moulding Machine 15 Ton/hr x 1, 10 Ton/hr x 2
* Wet Sand Moulding Machine x 3, ß Set Moulding Machine x 1
* Full Line Dust Collecting Equipment

Iron Casting System